Friday, February 6, 2015

my Paper on the "BILL OF RIGHTS" by RawHonee

my Paper on the "BILL OF RIGHTS" by RawHonee

    I had never read the Bill of Rights until today.  I did think of however in my thirty six years, “where did my real Ancestory go, and why is it so vanished among the concrete world today?”  I also never much cared for the English language, craving to learn my native tongue from Tsalagi culture.     I went to school a few years, they did not make ceremonies out of nature,  did not dance, and drum.  I looked around and hardly no boys had long hair.  The world seemed so estranged to me, and so I spent many a years being , “a rebel”,  seeking to find the real world that existed between spirit and matter.

The articles within the Bill of Rights that spark my interest to elaborate upon are “Respecting the Establishment of Religion”.  It was not until 1868 that the states would be brought under the Bill of rights by the fourteenth amendment.  Now I am not going to try and be overly scholarly on this as my point is to analyze the events that took place just before this time and were taking place at this time.  I am ironically listening to Carlos Nakai, “How the West was Lost” (1993), as I am writing this paper.  Perhaps that is enough said to make my point here. 

    Since 1830, every Indian Nation was removed from their homelands by force of treaties, by deceit of broken treaties, all for the expedition of the United States Government to take the Gold from the land, the lands in which the Indian peoples once harmoniously shared without greed to possess.  Lands in which they taught their own children in their ways teaching them to be one and at peace with the earth rather then rape her for personal gain.   The Indian Removal Act was the most vile historical motion of America and what it represents today.  So ask me about the Bill of Rights and I will tell you that those are not my founding fathers, my founding fathers were removed, my ancestors were sent to walk trails of tears, many deaths among them, and their ways were prohibited to be expressed.  Their children were taken by force, their hair cut, for it held the power of their insight, and  their names changed to sounds that have no vibrational energy what so ever.  All of thisl so that your United States of America could begin a cycle of what we see today is loss of human values in balance with the earth and a massive outreach to bring it back into harmony.  We attempt to do this now with political leaders and laws over our heads and who is calling the shots are people whom are not always walking the path of what a Nations road should be founded upon in the ways it was once given by spirit to the people. 

   The native peoples were not granted the “The American Indian Religious Freedom Act”  August 11, 1978. Before that time, they were kept like cattle upon their reservations or trained to become part in joining the goverment military as scouts. They were not free to express their dances and culture.  Due to having been removed from their homelands, they had no longer access to the sacred places to them, they were only allowed the land that the government put them on, as it was the land that did not contain the gold and resources that the government saught after to control for propaganda and gain materialistic control this nation.  Today most Native peoples, as well as many Americans in general, live within poverty just to survive from day to day.  It did not have to be this way.  My people knew a better way and they did not want to take ownership over you.

   This brings me now to the part in the Bill of rights on Polygamy.  Many of my native ancestors could take many wives as long as they could provide for their family well.  This created a true sense of community and tribal union among the people.  This is an Art that is lost today among a world of yet more possessive  culture of not only ownership of land, resource, but now human spirit and form.  The constitution in fact would punish under law a person whom has multiple partnerships documented in legal protection under the Rights of man as it is written.  I ask why, is it because the United States government fears the power behind Tribal Unity?  Fears the Power of a nation that can rise up to greater realities then it is capable? 


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    2. I am learning, this was my first blog on something that was a reflection paper due after reading the Bill of Rights. I am hoping to now do a more in depth look at this and using Howard Zinn as a mentor to research his wonderful works. I have discovered some amazing speeches. More soon.

    3. Learning is the key. I will re-read what you wrote and post a response soon. Having to feed the kids an early dinner or pre-dinner. Shabbat Shalom!