Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sharp Teeth? Morality or Philosophy regarding Animals Killing

[replying to Samien in the comment to the previous post]   The sharp teeth is a dead giveaway. That is one of the physical traits to look for... in the animal mammals. But what about the insects and spiders and other types who eat each other? They don't have to have teeth. They can have tentacles, poisons they secrete, or pincers in their mouth/mandibles. There are many designs to the bodies.

It is true we need to go a little further than Civilogy can go, in the sense that these questions are beyond the science.  They go into ethical and philosophical levels of thinking.  This is where Kyyboa comes in.  Yet we must FIRST do a full civilogical study. Then we will be ready to do the Kyyboa level of thinking. Kyyboa is the way which can find out what is right or wrong. It is the higher Wisdom.

SO what would I say from Kyyboa consciousness on this subject? Hmmm meditating on it, in the woods. Contemplating..

photo captured by Samien circa 2005

In the Kyyboa way of life, we are a tribe.  We are a tight-knit human society.  We live close to the land.  But do we survive by killing other creatures?  We do not prefer to do those actions.  We will not kill unless it is necessary.  We know that we do not need to eat meat.  Meat and the killing of animals is not necessary.  We are not the same as other tribes of the past.  We are not the same as the mainstream, modern society.  They are the ones who conveniently eat dead animals every day, provided by a greedy meat industry complex. 

We do not partake of this greedy, cruel, nonsensical carnivorous system. However, we started with it, being born within its control. We now have to use the skill and the discipline to transition away from the meat culture.  It is a CULT of EATING MEAT.  It is a cult of killing.  It is a blood-thirsty cult. It is not our cult and not our way. We have awakened! 

I will say more, much more, on the Kyyboa website.  That is enough to reveal here in context of Civilogy.  We cannot get ahead of ourselves.  The purpose of this site is to offer a complete, ongoing study of Civilization.  That study of the human history is to be done without judgement.  It is a gathering of all the facts.. First concentrate on this. As I have done for 30+ years. 

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