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Truth series, Books by Ahgamen-Keyboa and Institute-Civilogy

The Truth series, Books by Ahgamen-Keyboa

This is a series of Volumes from Civilogy-Instituto. 

The civilogy student should study these writings to become better acquainted with the questions being raised by our School.  CIVILOGY is a comprehensive search for answers to all subject matter.  This will most likely lead to an even deeper study of Keyboa.  Keyboa is really the Truth seekers destination.  There you will find higher answers to the Civilogy Questions.  Ahgamen Keyboa wrote this for all Keyboas, everywhere, for all time. A gift of powerful Knowledge and seeking!

Ahgamen wrote Planet Earth the Truth

Ahgamen wrote Astrology the Truth

Ahgamen wrote Buddha the Truth

Ahgamen wrote Reincarnation the Truth

Ahgamen wrote Miracles the Truth

Ahgamen wrote Body the Truth

Institute-Civilogy Publishing House

Book series on "the Truth", volumes on many subjects of interest; providing clarity on the proper line of questioning in order to understand and grasp these major aspects of living of lives in a better way.
Written by High Civilogian, Ahgamen Keyboa, founder of "the Keyboa Way" (aka Kyyboa, non-digital/internet spelling)
 Words the truth (knowledge and consciousness)
Mind the truth
Memory the truth
Language the truth
Telepathy the truth
Psychic the truth
Life the truth
Reincarnation the truth
Reality the truth
Energy the truth
Sports the truth
Games the truth
Motion and Dance the truth
Sex the truth
Desire and Suffering the truth
Romance the truth
Love the truth
Women the truth
Men the truth
Money the truth
G.o.d. the truth
Music the truth
Art the truth
Symbols the truth
Smell the truth
Taste the truth
Touch the truth
Emotions the truth
Dream Sleep the truth
Precognition the truth
Senses the truth
Planet Earth the truth
Political Parties the truth
Government the truth
Conspiracy the truth
Religion the truth
Spirituality the truth
Enlightenment the truth
Success the truth
Love the truth
Fortune the truth
Probability the truth
Happiness the truth
Animals the truth
Solar System the truth
Astrology the truth
Universe the truth
Body the truth
Jesus Christ the truth
Buddha the truth
Food the truth
Work the truth
Racism the truth
Muhammed the truth
Moses the truth
Krishna the truth
Bible the truth
King Solomon the truth
Messiah the truth
Jews the truth
Atheism the truth
Satan the truth
Angels the truth
Fate the truth
Magic the truth
Miracles the truth
Earth the truth
Water the truth
Air the truth
Fire the truth
Heaven the truth
Hell the truth
Comedy the truth
Children the truth
Innocence the truth
History the truth
Ego the truth
Genius the truth
Prophecy the truth
Disease the truth
Law the truth
News the truth
Competition the truth
War the truth
Technology the truth
Science the truth
Math and Numbers the truth
Plants the truth
Elements the truth
Time the truth
Immortality the truth
Duality the truth
Synchronicity the truth
Morality the truth
Authority the truth
Sovereignty the truth
Humanity the truth
Fame the truth
Nature the truth
Homes the truth
Clothing the truth
Civilization the truth
Drugs the truth
Beauty the truth
Free Will the truth
Optimism Pessimism the truth
Opposites the truth
Property the truth
Land the truth
Guns the truth
Agape the truth
Yoga Meditation the truth
Light the truth
Speed Rate Pace the truth
Good vs. Evil the truth
Right vs. Wrong the truth
Sin the truth
Karma the truth
Opposites the truth
Lies the truth
TRUTH the truth
Death the truth
Last Judgement the truth
Divine Plan the truth

and More volumes t.b.a.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Research into Keyboa is not possible through wiki pedia.

Here is the info that existed until admin decision for "speedy deletion":

Keyboa [1][2] 

is a new word coined by artist[3] and author, Ahgamen[4] [5] [6], in 1985. Keyboa originated as a spiritual name, which was spontaneously conjured from an intentional, meditational trance conducted by Peter "Touk" Edward Tasciotti in 1985. The purpose of the trance was to generate a proper name to attach to all of Tasciotti's futuristic conceptual projects. Therefore, it is known by friends and associates that Tasciotti adopted Ahgamen Keyboa as his pseudonym, a nom de plume, an alias, to be attached to his spiritual alter ego. Many people only refer to the figure simply as, Ahgamen.
The creator of Keyboa, Ahgamen Keyboa [7] [8] is known throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City, New York, as well as many regions internationally, including: Israel, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines. He has been a world traveller since the 1970's, especially after dropping-out of school in 1984. From 1985-2018, Ahgamen has relocated to more than 200 residences. This is connected with the definition of Keyboa being, "noble nomads".
One of the first published articles about Keyboa and its definition is in the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper, December 9, 1993 [9] [10]. There is a Keyboa-related editorial published in the Chronogram magazine, circa 2004.
It is important to note that due to the manner in which search engines are operating circa 2018, it has been difficult to search the term, Keyboa. It should be emphasized that Keyboa is not a Keyboard. Keyboa is not related to Keyboards, other than in spelling.
The meaning of Keyboa is "spirit", furthermore, it stands for the seeking of spirituality, seeking the Truth behind all things. Keyboa stands for four major principles: Peace, Love, Truth, Life. Keyboa contains the theory of reincarnation or past lives and multiple lives at its core.
The founder of the Keyboa movement, Ahgamen, became a father in 1990. This began an evolution of the word being more than an idealistic concept; it became attached to a family and a tribe. The notion of Keyboa being a tribe and not limited to an individual, demonstrated that Keyboa was organically expanding into a life of its own, and not merely the idea of one man. The expansion of the tribe was established on the legal level, when one of the children born to Ahgamen, was documented as Keyboa. This was at the birth of Shylah Keyboa in Hyde Park, NY, on August 17, 2006.
Keyboa is etymologically connected with: The Kaaba, Kabbalah, Kybalion, Boaz and Jachin and Boaz. Ahgamen is connected with: agua, water in Spanish; agamen, gardener in Dutch; amen in prayer, and Agamemnon, the Greek king.
In the years since Keyboa was created, the word has experienced spelling changes and usage changes. It has been guarded as an esoteric item. The earlier spellings were: Kyyboa, Kiyboa, Kyyboaz, Kyyboai, Kyyboan, Kiyahboa, and Kyybohda. It is understood by Keyboa proponents that the word is actually a shorter, abbreviated version of the full word. the full word is forbidden to be used or spoken to the public and the uninitiated, as it were.
As of 1989, Ahgamen did not believe that Keyboa should be attached to any commercialized activities. As evidence of this rule, Keyboa was never directly funded by revenue-sharing partnership on YouTube, circa 2007 or any year thereafter. In contrast to this, the related terms were included in revenue sharing partnerships, a.k.a. monetization: enternetglobal, peterappleseed, mysterey1, myzzty, rebelsof1985, protesters [11] [12] [13], and entertainmentgiant, just to name a few.
However, during the years 2015-2016, the longstanding policy was changed, shifting toward a broader utilization of Keyboa, in the business plans. As of 2018, Keyboa is included in the branding strategy and the goals of promoting Keyboa to those who are interested[14].
During the formative period from 1985-2017, many individuals have become involved with the development of Keyboa. These visionaries are experimenting with its practice as a philosophy and its vision of the future. These individuals include, but are not limited to: Julia Walsh a.k.a. [15] "JewelEyah"[16], Tamar Elhayani[17][18], Heyvazealia[19], Haum, Louis Acker[20], Serapha[21], Karen Novacich, Nancy Howland, Andi Feron, David Dodge, Ian Couch, Ian David Grein, Andras Maros [22], Mitchell Gold, Edmund the Strange Haffmann, William Bilbo Johnson, Marc Garman, Scott Richmond [23], Chris Young [24], Karedwyn, Samein Tasciotti, Zenairoh Keyboa, Arajah Keyboa, Shylah Keyboa, along with the founder, Ahgamen, a.k.a. Peter E. Tasciotti.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Prediction of Extreme Winter snowstorm for March 17, 18, 19, 2018

Extreme Winter Weather Northeast United States, Canada

I am Ahgamen-Keyboa, researcher, naturalist, painter, author, historian, sometime psychic. The weather has been extreme in the Northeast U.S.A. of the past two months, from January to the present March 7, 2018 (publishing this 12:30am March 9).  This region also includes the parts of Canada adjacent, their southeastern sector, as weather movements know no nationality barriers!
If we were to compare this winter to other winters of the past few decades, it could be deemed as average and the standard. It’s going to be cold, that’s going to freeze the ground, it’s going to freeze the precipitation, there’s going to be snowfall periodically. This region is known to be cold and wet in winter, as opposed to being dry and arid.

There was one highlight of unusual occurrence from February 20-22, 2018. The temperatures went way up and way down. It brought warmth to the region more typical of June weather, practically summer-like! This was not merely in the Northeast region of the U.S.; it began in the Rocky Mountains region, especially in Colorado. These record highs were surprising for millions of people, to say the least! It will be remembered for a long time.
Then there has recently been these back to back winter storms!  Two noreasters in a row.  We are just now in the midst of the second one and clean-up is not finished.  In fact, as I am now able to share this, there was no electricity or internet to post my article on March 8. when I wanted to.  Power outages were widespread throughout the region.
Aside from the relatively normal and average year with the odd exceptions, I’ve been taking a careful look at my charts and permutations.  Basically, I have been crunching some of the pertinent facts and trying to make interpretations. I noticed something and I’m going out on a limb to state that I discovered a pattern. It is such that I can extrapolate this and make a prediction. If I am right, then I will be able to continue with the methodology. If I am wrong, then I will go back to the drawing board and try again.
It seems to me that there is a high probability of another major winter storm. Let me describe the scenario: It is possible that around March 16th to the 17th (2018) there will be another unseasonably warm event. This means that it could approach record high temperatures in the Northeast and possibly extend into southern areas of the East Coast, as well as northwards into Canada.
What will follow possibly is another weather maker. It could move into the region late on March 17th. It should be a lot of precipitation and possibly some windy turbulence. If the temperature is able to drop enough from the previous days, then it will bring quite a bit of snow.
Basically, the storm will carry through March 18th and into part of the 19th. It would be considered a very late winter weather event, considering that the Spring Equinox is only days away, the official start of Spring season. This is unusual for the region. I am predicting this more than 10 days in advance. We’re going to find out. It’s kind of exciting!

Place 2 Nails Beside Your Plants And See What Happens

Story on how plant grows from seed - The Lonely Seed - English

Good knowledge. Creative story.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Astrological Research is ongoing as part of Civilogy

All of our work into the field of Astrology and the astro-sciences is under the new COSMONOMY TM school.  This is a new department of Civilogy.

Civilogy aka Civilogia Instituto TM copyright 2018 All rights reserved.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What's At Stake? Russian-backed and US-led forces advancing on same oil ...


Ahgamen Keyboa comments

ghting over the toys in the sand box. Wake up. The power is no longer in the hands of fools. It will be granted to the Prophet. The warning began and continues until the final hour

That is not exactly CIVILOGY. that is spiritual proclamation.