Thursday, January 29, 2015

Civilogy & Love

 I believe that the student of civilogy is led to loving all in the universe. You want love - you got to be love. You want unity, you got to see the light in all beings. A Sufi prayer begins as such: Toward the One, the perfection of love, harmony and beauty... This is a path that also leads one to rise above the distinctions and differences which divide.

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  1. Yes the One. and in that is also defined the Love. Love is oneness. As the President of youtube made it the motto, Unity for Utubia! Unity and unifying can truly only be done through loving and more love. the real love. That which is the way.
    The STUDY of this is civilogy, my friend. Merely the study of it, not necessarily the application or experience of it. As a civilogist we must first study and come to know then realize if it is totally true and based in real facts. Then as a civilogian we may want to believe it is actually and truly is true Wisdom.
    After all this preliminary process, then it is proven and can be expounded! Then it becomes the duty of the Kyyboa to live it and be it, becoming what it is more and more all the time. So a real study and training in civilogy will ultimately lead to a practice of the full, undivided, non-denominational tribal nation of Kyyboa. It is a people which has at its core, a religion with no name.