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What is religion really? according to Civilogy

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What is religion really? 
One way we can define religion and understand it properly is to study, without bias, its fundamental purpose (not from the angle of an outsider's opinion of that particular religion).  The actual purpose of any and all religions is to teach an approach towards human living & reality, which is purportedly better than any other approach/religion.  This approach is usually introduced in a catchy manner during the proseletyzing phase.  Key points will be promoted and joining the religion will be made available, then revealed to be comprising a set of rules, a daily practice, and a dogma, doctrine, or belief system.  There is a process of induction of new members and also an operational structure of hierarchy, including a provision for coordination of elder members/leaders.  How "organized" a religion becomes, does depend upon the level of success and expansion that it attains.  If the religion becomes larger and more widespread, it develops into a more organized group; that is, complex, systematized, formulaic, and hierarchical.  Hence the popular denotation of "organized religion", as if there was any sort of religion category or level, which is "not organized", implying merely that it is not large enough, nor successful as of yet.

So let's compile a list of examples of specific religions: starting with the larger, more established ones.  There is Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Ba'Hai.  There are also recently in the modern-postmodern era, some religions which its adherents claim adamantly to NOT be religion; these are the "anti-religion religions".  The main category is that of Science-religion, which has many branches or sects.  Other related categories are the Atheism-religion, Agnostic-religion, as well as the UFO/aliens/extraterrestrial religion.  A major division of the Science-religion is the Technology-religion, which in some manner, is actually indivisible and could be overall understood as a Science & Technology-religion.  The first is the religion of the mental knowledge of such a reality and the latter is the physical tools and inventions of the first, which are derived from the application of this intellectual knowledge.  Some religious members of the Technology division seem to be primarily focused upon these things, which would therefore categorize them as a Materialism-religion.

One specific form of a Science religion is named, Scientology.  We could understand Scientology as a Science religion which is based upon a particular formulation and use of psychological knowledge.  Whereby the scientific discipline of psychology was fashioned into a more definitive religion, other sciences could also be observed to have spawned their own.   For example, Psychiatry, the relatively new division of Science and Medicine   has become its own religion.  It has a religious tome or "bible", in the widely promulgated Psychiatry Desk Manual.  It has a superior hierarchy embodied in the A.M.A.  It has a priestly caste, which it names, its psychiatrists or doctors.  It indoctrinates new members as its medicated patients.  It enjoys the support and acceptance of the reigning secular governments.

Secular government is as well, to be comprehended as the currently-reigning Government-religion or State-religion.  The concept of the "state itself" or nationhood, is founded upon the religious belief of imaginary/fictional entities, which primarily exist only as ink on pieces of paper, as names, descriptions, along with territorial details.  These papers are basically "fiat documents", fiat being "that which is agreed to exist and have any value or meaning".

It is well to admit that the civilogical definition and grasp of religion is a broad and all-encompassing school-of-thought.  However it is not to be disparaged as being too broad and loose nor generalizing of the diverse human activity.  It is not for the sake of over-simplification of our study.  Rather, this method has its necessary use, as the civilogy-student should come to discover.  We are paving the way for an intense examination and comparison of the forces in civilization, including but not limited to: religion, government, science, technology, business, culture, and myth.

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Hurricane Patricia research EVERYBODY:EVERY 1 Mr.Eyah Show

Americans Stand Naked Before Injustice :  Information Clearing House - ICH

Americans Stand Naked Before Injustice :  Information Clearing House - ICH

By Paul Craig Roberts

October 23, 2015 "Information
Clearing House
" -  In 2000 Larry
Stratton and I published The Tyranny of Good Intentions,
the story of how Americans lost the protection of law. In 2008
Randon House published a new edition. Inthe 15 years that the book
has been in print, only 23,000 Americans were interested to learn
that law is no longer a shield of the people but a weapon in the
hands of the state.

The percentage of Americans who have even the
slightest comprehension of their loss of liberty is so tiny that the
American people have no prospect of regaining their liberty.

Defense attorney Harvey Silverglate has captured a
central part of our book in one short article. As Americans are too
absorbed with reality shows and spectator sports to see their rights
disappearing before their eyes and one short book is too much
distraction from what is important to them, perhaps they can work
their way through one short article

President Franklin D. Roosevelt Book PeterAppleseed Live Stream

245 MPH wind Strongest Hurricane ever Recorded! Patricia Makes Landfall!

Alert: Hurricane Patricia impacting Mexico

Art Sculpture review Agayam EVERYBODY:EVERY 1 Mr.Eyah Show

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United States vs. Denmark, in 17 Charts :    Information Clearing House - ICH

15, 2015 "Information
Clearing House
" - "Demos"
- Denmark played a surprising role in Tuesday's Democratic debate.
Here is how the country stacks up the US on a number of important
social indicators.

The Poor

Here are the overall poverty rates for the two

Here are the child poverty rates for the two

Lest you think I am pulling some kind of "relative
poverty" trick, here is per-capita income of the 5th, 10th, and 20th
percentiles in Denmark and the US, displayed in 2005 PPP-adjusted

United States vs. Denmark, in 17 Charts :    Information Clearing House - ICH

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The Longest War in U.S. History  :    Information Clearing House - ICH

The Longest War in U.S. History  :    Information Clearing House - ICH

the author fails to mention Cochise or Mangas Coloradas...

The Longest War in U.S. History

By Ryan Harvey

October 12, 2015 "
Clearing House
" - "teleSur"
- Though it has been a long 14 years, it is historically inaccurate
to call the war in Afghanistan "The Longest War in U.S. History."
This title reveals a deep-seated problem in the popular mythology of
U.S. history – that the nations and assemblies of peoples that
existed here before Europeans came were not sovereign, or even real.
Let's get the facts right:

There was a 30 year-long war from 1860-1890, spanning many nations,
led by the U.S. government against "insurgents" who populated what
would become Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.
Part of a larger, longer genocide, this was one sustained war, which
looked unsurprisingly similar to today's campaigns in

Fought by the U.S. Army against the Apache, Cheyenne, Navajo, Sioux,
and other nations, this war saw resistance armies, led by Geronimo
and Sitting Bull, give birth to the guerrilla warriors like Crazy
Horse and Little Wolf, and saw the introduction of
"counter-insurgency" tactics by the U.S. Cavalry. War crimes
abounded as the United States systematically eradicated the buffalo
with the intention of depriving the guerrilla warriors of food, to
bring an end to their peoples and nations, and to steal their land.

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Shrouded in mystery for centuries, the Sphinx of Giza has frustrated many who have attempted to discover its original purpose


The Sphinx Mystery

Shrouded in mystery for centuries, the Sphinx of Giza has frustrated many who have attempted to discover its original purpose. Accounts exist of the Sphinx as an oracle, as a king’s burial chamber, and as a temple for initiation into the Hermetic Mysteries. Egyptologists have argued for decades about whether there are secret chambers underneath the Sphinx, why the head-to-body ratio is out of proportion, and whose face adorns it.

In The Sphinx Mystery, Robert Temple with his wife Olivia address the many mysteries of the Sphinx. He presents eyewitness accounts, published over a period of 281 years, of people who saw the secret chambers and even went inside them before they were sealed in 1926--accounts that had been forgotten until the author rediscovered them. He also describes his own exploration of a tunnel at the rear of the Sphinx, perhaps used for obtaining sacred divinatory dreams.

Robert Temple reveals that the Sphinx was originally a monumental Anubis, the Egyptian jackal god, and that its face is that of a Middle Kingdom Pharaoh, Amenemhet II, which was a later re-carving. In addition, he provides photographic evidence of ancient sluice gate traces to demonstrate that, during the Old Kingdom, the Sphinx as Anubis sat surrounded by a moat filled with water--called Jackal Lake in the ancient Pyramid Texts--where religious ceremonies were held. He also provides evidence that the exact size and position of the Sphinx were geometrically determined in relation to the pyramids of Cheops and Chephren and that it was part of a pharaonic resurrection cult. 

Aquarium Las Vegas "Shark Reef" trip w/ MysterEy1 grandfather grandchild

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Reincarnation research and Claims, what to believe?

I found this from a study group that I have been checking out.  It is an interesting approach to this fascinating subject..
What if you were given the answers to what you experience in the here after,
not just simple one off answers anyone could just make up; but answers that
really make sense, are technical and go into details on all those fluttering thoughts
you have had your entire life. 
Those answers exist, and can be found in no better place than the Higher Balance Course.
Cycles of the Soul
Click here to check it out

To the deepest exploration of ourselves,

Higher Balance Institute

Learn Past Life Regression

Ecstasy-Yoga and Belly Dance: Reflection on Art & Theory

Ecstasy-Yoga and Belly Dance: Reflection on Art & Theory: Religion in my opinion could not exist without Art nor could Art exist without the living essence of what keeps us longing for answers in...

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Opportunity offered! Building a large internet system for our communication, sales, services, etc.

Our ad (in the NY area for major collaboration on the system we are developing... If you are in another area, feel free to contact us.

We are a new corporation with a venture taking place on the internet.  Our products and services on the web are diverse but they are scattered and in disarray.  The challenge is to organize all of it and maximize the potential.  This challenging work is in multiple areas of skill and training: web design, digital media, computer graphics, mass emailing/social networking, membership/user database, browser compatibility, international translation, and SEO, as well as funding (crowd-funding, also to attract capital, and angel investment).  We must consolidate our online presence and gain traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a big key. There are some major search terms we want to capture. We must be global, so the website must be readily translatable.  Expertise in Blogger and wordpress necessary. Experience and skill in Adsense usage is required. Content is king, yet all of it should be geared for revenue.  Expertise in Youtube, Vimeo, live webcam (for broadcast events - payperview), soundcloud, etc. is necessary. We are also integrating JWplayer and other media gadgets. All stats must be recorded and available in graphs and charts, in real-time for monitoring. Security is important obviously. We want a secure system, covered within the capabilities of our server and web host. Images and videos must be protected and restricted from copying/download (we are not hiring an editor or photographer at this time, merely a web expert who can protect the material as soon as it is online). Website must be easily used and funtionable from the front as well as the creator side - we will be updating and adding every day.  Website must be seamless with cloud storage. And last but not least, there is an app. side to this project!  Supplementary smart phone app will be the preferred interface, into our website.  Developers take note.  
On the legal aspect, if you have a background in TOS and privacy policy, then you are invited to apply. All material will be either copyright, trademark, or residing on sectors which are restricted to password users.
We are seeking a work-for-hire individual or group who may be retained for ongoing maintenance contract.  You should be professional, timely, innovative, positive, optimistic, able to communicate, accessible, document your work,   We will pay by results.  We will pay commission (if your work can make us money, you will make money). Your earnings will be by percentage.  At the start there will be a flat-fee budget for the initial project. The ideal candidate will be professional, with a proven track record, references. If yoru business is registered it is a plus, but we will consider qualified individual persons. It may help for you to be young, reputation-oriented, and interested in building a good resume.  If you are saavy and uptodate with cutting edge technology and innovations, then that is even better.

This is a tall order, are you qualified and ready to commit the time and effort? We are artists primarily, we will partner with you the high-tech technicians. We have planned, created, and envisioned the best of the new.  Now you can collaborate with us in building the best site.
Contact us ASAP.  This system needs to be improved and launched in successive stages by April 2015.

Opportunity offered! Building a large internet system for our communication, sales, services, etc.
labels: work, opportunity, work for hire, contract, web design, SEO, social networking, phone app.

Global Horsepower 3.0: Big Bang bust! New physics theory disproves the Ol...

Global Horsepower 3.0: Big Bang bust! New physics theory disproves the Ol...: *We revealed to you two weeks ago, in January! cf. dates on video series* No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning ...

Earthquakes & Animals: how do they detect them ahead of time?

From the USGS:

Today’s Earthquake Fact

The earliest reference to unusual animal behavior prior to a significant earthquake is from Greece in 373 BC. Rats, weasels, snakes, and centipedes reportedly left their homes and headed for safety several days before a destructive earthquake. Anecdotal evidence abounds of animals, fish, birds, reptiles, and insects exhibiting strange behavior anywhere from weeks to seconds before an earthquake. However, consistent and reliable behavior prior to seismic events, and a mechanism explaining how it could work, still eludes us.

Chris Freely writings - as part of our Civilogy mindset

This is from Chris Freely aka Cosmic Fool Media (writer, thinker, psychic, videographer, advisor) to find out if he will collaborate more with us, on the Civilogy Instituto. Chris? This is Peter calling. ;7)

Towards Meaning

As we confront our insecurities and doubts we realize the importance of making space for what we find meaningful to ourselves in our journey.  Stripping away our insecurities slowly through our releasing of our dark has become the new ritual.  Feeling our own terror and fear we grow towards new possibility.  As we survive each new layer of revelation about our nature, something begins to change.  At first it is personal, just about you.  But soon you are joined by others, others who have seen the way.

The path is fraught with suffering.  The nature of our current human experience makes this a temporarily necessity.  There is no way out of experiencing some empowerment through facing our greatest injustices against ourselves.  These injustices have largely been internalized.  A false sense of being hardened into our very bodies showing us the potential of our unconquered spirit.  Survival reveals that we are capable of establishing ourselves again, that we are capable of rising up and embracing our power.  Each day we count our blessings that we have survived.  In this we learn gratitidue.

Meaninglessness confronts us with our desperation.  We need to change.  It is in our hearts.  With every beat we move closer to liberty from our condition.  With every breath we move our soul that much closer to being free.  And yet more is required.  A need to find meaning.

A journey is required.  A journey into darkness, where all things are made to stand still, where the mind and all its machinery is made to pause.  Why?  Perhaps deep within our soul has the answer but we have become too routine and mechanical to hear it clearly.  Yet, with each breath the revelation moves closer to being fully heard and felt.  It is something that we can commit to on our path.  It is something that is possible.

With this requires a leap into the unknown, the great terror from which many turn back at first.  It is no longer our luxury to run away from what is there.  It is no longer an option if we wish to survive.  So then, the die is cast, and our fate is sealed.  We must journey within and without to a place none of us has been before.  We could call this place hope, but perhaps it is simply home, the place where we live.  Housed in our flesh, lighted by a power within, we face our greatest fears.  It is here somehow that we will find our redemption.  It is here somehow that we are going to find victory, a triumph over our weakness and our hardness.  Or perhaps, accepting our weakness and hardness for what they are, find a way to use them to make life more bearable for ourselves and those we love.  A human solution for human problem.

We act deliberately now to find knowledge.  It is a necessity.  The quest for knowledge has never been more important than now, as our world dances on the razor's edge of doom.  What we need is answers.  Ones that are complete.  Ones in which we find meaning through survival and through success.  Survival and success blend together increasingly.  Just living in somehow an act of triumph.  And creating by whatever means is a celebration of our still beating hearts and still moving breath which must be interpreted as a sure sign that we are moving that much closer to the meaning we have all been searching for.  When we get there, I am sure there will be others, and so the journey and the tour of our condition as humans will be a small measure more complete through our communion.  And surely communion is something we are all yearning for after all this time alone.  We move forward then towards meaning, an experience of fulfilled expectations and much more than we can even imagine.

The Entertainment Giant ~ EG2 group: Copyright and interpretation

The Entertainment Giant ~ EG2 group: Copyright and interpretation: Copyright and understanding of it   This is snipped from (go there for the full article) , for...

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Mysterious Dirty Rain Falling in Northwest USA

Ecstasy-Yoga and Belly Dance: As I Research King Solomon...

Ecstasy-Yoga and Belly Dance: As I Research King Solomon...: King Solomon, a man that I adore his wisdom, his connection to higher spiritual awareness within humanity.  A man who could see the world be...

Reflection Paper on "The People Speak" Documentary by RawHonee (College Student)

Reflection on Howard Zinn’s “The People Speak”
Howard Zinn’s, “The People Speak”, is a documentary that circulates within the red pulsating blood of its viewer, reminding us to submit our voice of wisdom and be the action of change to create higher realities out of reach from dictatorship of the wicked.  No matter what your heritage, you feel the empathy with all cultures whom have suffered the price of capitalism of a democracy based on creating barriers to the poor and high rises for the ones whom have already stuffed their pockets full of the gold they once killed for.  This film is based off Zinn’s book, “A People’s History to the United States” and because this is one of the most powerful documentaries I have witnessed to date., I will be reading more in depth the words this brilliant man whom has composed an amazing detailed timeline and resourceful speeches for students wishing to learn the truth in this Nations history.  This is a true tribute to the voices of many whom have witnessed and exhilarated a plea of realization to the un-nesessary suffering of human beings living in this world based on government actions to tax, tyrannize, and brutalize the people into slavery systems governed for the purpose of capital gain that still exists today.  For example, Nestle bottled water, war for oil, war over power, war over land that must hold a vortex to where the wicked wish to hide with their “golden rings”.  This same vortex was the sacred homes to many who simply wished to pray, dance, and be humbled to spirit giving life upon this planet.  They, the native peoples of all colors and creeds been exhiled from their sacred lands so that the push of political gun power can gut the mother earth and pull from her her magical treaures so that they can package it and sale it to a sytem of forced consumerism.  I say that earth holds magic, for if people could simply be revived to live and breathe the minerals freely in community, respect would be taught again to keep pure, and great awakening could take place for mankind would sense the shift in internal value being revived back to life by the gold dust sand upon his skin as it blows freely in the wind and emits freely from the rock.  This our natives knew.  This the government took and misused in a way that can not help the people to heal truly.  The imbalance is obvious, and although we have come in some ways to re establish our diverse and breathing cultures, we still are striving to make the leap to reverse from this high percentage of what once was prestige pure land, now covered in concrete, cars, bulldozers, and still they, the government forces to take more.  Rivers are coated in oil, fish are poisoned by radioactive waste, drinking tap water is drawn from beneath nuclear waste dumps here in NM. Chemical trails send dust bombs from air craft as experimental tests down upon the heads of human beings on a daily bases.  The banks keep getting richer and still humanity gets poorer.  They gave our native tribes who were the true founding fathers of this land, casinos to push gambling money, carcinogenic tabbacco laced chemical smoking endorsed, and mind dulling alcohol pushed as a means to recon the difference.  Yet my heart sees it more fit that the Gold be put back into the earth so that the people may know the true mineral healing meaning to lie upon the earth and witness gold dust, clean air, true blue skies, and children who walk the path of learning from indigenous functioning of life rather then pushed into school mandatory systems that devoid them of sacred knowledge that once was their birth rite. Howard Zinn, I thank you for creating yet another legacy I can trail upon, and be another voice to your great cause to wisdom and the awakening of humanity.    
I had many favorite parts of this documentary where I felt the emotion of the expressed speeches and songs.  These are a few that I felt deeply moved by, inspired by, and connected with.

J.W. Logan and his “Letter to Defy”.  Performed by Benjamin Bratt.  I found this to be a beautifully thought out poetic statement of compelling truth. 

The recitation of the “Women’s Declaration of Independence”  read aloud by Rosario Dawson who does a wonderful job of articulating the sincerity of this movement for all women.

Susan B Anthony who was charged for Illegal voting gave an epic speech before jury after casting her ballot to vote at a time women were prohibited by law to be counted as a voice equal to men.  She was arrested and her revolutionary speech powerfully summons the parallel of equality to be called upon in history and still today a reminder of women’s freedoms worldwide.   This is performed by Christina Kirk.

Genora Johnon Dollinger was part of the sit labor strikes.  Marisa Tomei reads Dolliger’s written memoirs of the day of the strike when police begin shooting and using tear gas against the innocent unarmed suvilians.  The part where she reads and I quote, “I called down to the Police, Cowards! Shooting into the bellies of unarmed men and firing at the mothers of children!”.  And then she recites, “I thought the women can break this up so I appealed to the women in the line. Break up those police lines and come down here and stand behind your husbands, your brothers, your uncles, and your sweethearts.”  She goes on to explain the success of ending the battle and how the police retreated.  This speech really moves me to tears because its such an example of the power of the masculine and feminine loving on another through the hard times rather then being broken up and separated by hardship.  What a powerful story of women rising to stand tall and proud of their great power against tyranny.

Bartolome De Las Casas vividly accounts the times of Christopher Columbus and the truth and the massacre of our nation first inhabitants of this land.  This is performed by Viggo Mortensen. 

One of my favorite speeches from one of our true Nations Chiefs is from Chief Joseph.  Performed by Q’Orianka Kitcher who seems to embody the spirit of the Chief in her powerful essence of reciting this monologue speech.   The speech is on freedoms of living and told with such dignity that one cannot be fooled by the untactful demeans of this governments treatment upon these great peoples.  Perhaps this is one of the most powerful speeches of all time and so I quote a few lines as these words are the evidence of the intention of the Indians and how they could have been given superiority of rulership of this nation and today we would not be faced with the wars ongoing in our times now.

“When he white man treats the Indians as they treat eachother, then we shall have no more war.  We shall be all alike, brothers of one father and one mother, with one sky above us, and one country around us, and one government for all then the great spirit chief who rules above will smile upon this land and will send rain to wash the bloody spills made by man’s hands.”

Another great speech is that from Emma Goldman, performed by Sandra Oh on “Patriotism”.  This speech has the right touch of sarcasim and wit that an elegant woman can pull off to get her point across on the ignorance of this government over us.

Marian Wright Edelman was perhaps the greatest speech of a woman I ever heard as she gets right to the point for “Children’s Rights”, one of the highest concerns of awakened peoples is for that of the children, for once we have grown up enough within can we truly see what the youth needs are in fact. Jasmine Guy performs this speech that entails the words, and I quote, “Investing in children rather then bombs, mothers rather then missiles.” and the great line of, “Democracy is NOT a spectator sport.”  This is a speech worth remembering on “Human commitment”. 
Now for my favorite dramatic speech of all for its power to ignite change and call action.  “The Low Road” by Marge Percy is performed by Stacyann Chin.   She is an elegant ball of fire and perfect example of theatrical ammunition of poetic muse against government attempt to segregate and eliminate power from the people. 

I also will mention other great speeches too numerous to write them all for this paper at this time, Muhammad Ali, who gives a great speech against the military forces draft.  Daniel Ellsberg who leaked information to inform the peope of the truth about the United States and the Vietnam War doings.  From 1945 to 1968 he copied papers from the pentagon and sent them to William Fullbright, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and 17 other papers.  What a hero, yet he was sentenced to 15 years in prison on 12 Felony charges, all while the United States government kills many innocent lives and is somehow always ‘innocent’. 


I enjoyed the music from Pink and her soulful voice breaking the silence with her song, “Mr. President”.  I also felt influenced by Eddie Veder’s performance of the song, “Masters of War” originally by Bob Dylan.


So I end this paper that I will be turning into my professor at the university with a look up search link to one of my favorite rap songs to date, that although was not part of this film, I would like to include as an honorable mention on my own suggestion.  Immortal technique speaks out strong in his song “Bin Laden”.  Check it out on youtube.  The youth are listening and this is how they hear it.  The Music today is still one of the greatest ways we have to reach out, to expose, and to give voice.  I suppose as you aren’t employed by the government of the United States of America you can print as many copies as you like and its of no illegal matter, thank goodness, I prefer to be an Artist forever learning to be inspired by great people like Howard Zinn and those he has showcased in their works.


Immortal Technique - Bin Laden (Feat. Mos Def & Jadakiss)  

Jupiter Ascending movie in terms of Astrology

Sharp Teeth? Morality or Philosophy regarding Animals Killing

[replying to Samien in the comment to the previous post]   The sharp teeth is a dead giveaway. That is one of the physical traits to look for... in the animal mammals. But what about the insects and spiders and other types who eat each other? They don't have to have teeth. They can have tentacles, poisons they secrete, or pincers in their mouth/mandibles. There are many designs to the bodies.

It is true we need to go a little further than Civilogy can go, in the sense that these questions are beyond the science.  They go into ethical and philosophical levels of thinking.  This is where Kyyboa comes in.  Yet we must FIRST do a full civilogical study. Then we will be ready to do the Kyyboa level of thinking. Kyyboa is the way which can find out what is right or wrong. It is the higher Wisdom.

SO what would I say from Kyyboa consciousness on this subject? Hmmm meditating on it, in the woods. Contemplating..

photo captured by Samien circa 2005

In the Kyyboa way of life, we are a tribe.  We are a tight-knit human society.  We live close to the land.  But do we survive by killing other creatures?  We do not prefer to do those actions.  We will not kill unless it is necessary.  We know that we do not need to eat meat.  Meat and the killing of animals is not necessary.  We are not the same as other tribes of the past.  We are not the same as the mainstream, modern society.  They are the ones who conveniently eat dead animals every day, provided by a greedy meat industry complex. 

We do not partake of this greedy, cruel, nonsensical carnivorous system. However, we started with it, being born within its control. We now have to use the skill and the discipline to transition away from the meat culture.  It is a CULT of EATING MEAT.  It is a cult of killing.  It is a blood-thirsty cult. It is not our cult and not our way. We have awakened! 

I will say more, much more, on the Kyyboa website.  That is enough to reveal here in context of Civilogy.  We cannot get ahead of ourselves.  The purpose of this site is to offer a complete, ongoing study of Civilization.  That study of the human history is to be done without judgement.  It is a gathering of all the facts.. First concentrate on this. As I have done for 30+ years. 

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"Food Babe" exposes General Mills, Kellogs toxic cereal

Pit Bulls Attack! Do U Think They are Safe?

Lets talk about animals and those which are made into pets. This is a big part of human culture. Also it is about human relationships, inter-species.  Some people treat their pets better than they treat other humans!  Is this because the animals are a replacement for human-to-human relationship?  What is really going on here? Where are animals from?  Are humans actually animals?  What is the difference and the proper definition to use?

Civilogy wants to know all about this and everything else in our civilization! Join us in the quest!!

Brian Williams Mainstream Media poster-child Tom Brokaw wants Fired

Howard Zinn The People Speak 2010

Nuclear Warrior Workout: Sample video of our host (before he was the host) ...

Nuclear Warrior Workout: Sample video of our host (before he was the host) ...

my Paper on the "BILL OF RIGHTS" by RawHonee

my Paper on the "BILL OF RIGHTS" by RawHonee

    I had never read the Bill of Rights until today.  I did think of however in my thirty six years, “where did my real Ancestory go, and why is it so vanished among the concrete world today?”  I also never much cared for the English language, craving to learn my native tongue from Tsalagi culture.     I went to school a few years, they did not make ceremonies out of nature,  did not dance, and drum.  I looked around and hardly no boys had long hair.  The world seemed so estranged to me, and so I spent many a years being , “a rebel”,  seeking to find the real world that existed between spirit and matter.

The articles within the Bill of Rights that spark my interest to elaborate upon are “Respecting the Establishment of Religion”.  It was not until 1868 that the states would be brought under the Bill of rights by the fourteenth amendment.  Now I am not going to try and be overly scholarly on this as my point is to analyze the events that took place just before this time and were taking place at this time.  I am ironically listening to Carlos Nakai, “How the West was Lost” (1993), as I am writing this paper.  Perhaps that is enough said to make my point here. 

    Since 1830, every Indian Nation was removed from their homelands by force of treaties, by deceit of broken treaties, all for the expedition of the United States Government to take the Gold from the land, the lands in which the Indian peoples once harmoniously shared without greed to possess.  Lands in which they taught their own children in their ways teaching them to be one and at peace with the earth rather then rape her for personal gain.   The Indian Removal Act was the most vile historical motion of America and what it represents today.  So ask me about the Bill of Rights and I will tell you that those are not my founding fathers, my founding fathers were removed, my ancestors were sent to walk trails of tears, many deaths among them, and their ways were prohibited to be expressed.  Their children were taken by force, their hair cut, for it held the power of their insight, and  their names changed to sounds that have no vibrational energy what so ever.  All of thisl so that your United States of America could begin a cycle of what we see today is loss of human values in balance with the earth and a massive outreach to bring it back into harmony.  We attempt to do this now with political leaders and laws over our heads and who is calling the shots are people whom are not always walking the path of what a Nations road should be founded upon in the ways it was once given by spirit to the people. 

   The native peoples were not granted the “The American Indian Religious Freedom Act”  August 11, 1978. Before that time, they were kept like cattle upon their reservations or trained to become part in joining the goverment military as scouts. They were not free to express their dances and culture.  Due to having been removed from their homelands, they had no longer access to the sacred places to them, they were only allowed the land that the government put them on, as it was the land that did not contain the gold and resources that the government saught after to control for propaganda and gain materialistic control this nation.  Today most Native peoples, as well as many Americans in general, live within poverty just to survive from day to day.  It did not have to be this way.  My people knew a better way and they did not want to take ownership over you.

   This brings me now to the part in the Bill of rights on Polygamy.  Many of my native ancestors could take many wives as long as they could provide for their family well.  This created a true sense of community and tribal union among the people.  This is an Art that is lost today among a world of yet more possessive  culture of not only ownership of land, resource, but now human spirit and form.  The constitution in fact would punish under law a person whom has multiple partnerships documented in legal protection under the Rights of man as it is written.  I ask why, is it because the United States government fears the power behind Tribal Unity?  Fears the Power of a nation that can rise up to greater realities then it is capable? 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Peter Appleseed's Food Show: Animal carnivores... Wtf

Peter Appleseed's Food Show: Animal carnivores... Wtf: So, Ive been thinking about animals eating eachother... In my opinion, its not amuzing at all and it angers me to the point where i want to ...

From Raw Honee at College

...Then I will spend all weekend writing alot from computers and researching topics and such.   I saw an amazing film on HOWARD ZINN "Peoples History of the United States"   this film was incredibly moving....   Howard Zinn has now replaced my studies from Russell Means to Zinn a bit more of a noble (Non alcoholic) type....   I thought of you much watching this as I saw FDR in the film and felt the power of your BOOKS my love!  Your FDR Book is amazing!  I am proud of you...   You inspire me that I will write too someday... first I must gather my knowledagble facts tho.... so here I am!

Global Horsepower 3.0: War and Children: How to teach them

Global Horsepower 3.0: War and Children: How to teach them: Unfortunately, this is a hard subject to face.  It is very controversial.  This is why we are going to cover it. I have to thank the...

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Professional Actor - out of character - out of my mind: Peg Leg Bates - one of my favorite performers! I p...

Professional Actor - out of character - out of my mind: Peg Leg Bates - one of my favorite performers! I p...: Read about this performer on IMDB...

Peg Leg Bates Biography on Film: PEG LEG Bates is back in style!!!

Peg Leg Bates Biography on Film: PEG LEG Bates is back in style!!!: The blog is back! We will now resume activities here... in the memory of Peg Leg Bates! 

Global Horsepower 3.0: Only Three Groups of Humans

Global Horsepower 3.0: Only Three Groups of Humans: There are only three groups of humans in the whole world, at the present time (or any time in history, as far as we know)  These three (3) g...

Global Horsepower 3.0: #ISISburning Violent Graphic (Geo-political tensio...

Global Horsepower 3.0: #ISISburning Violent Graphic (Geo-political tensio...: *WARNING GRAPHIC EXTREME! Watch at your own risk* ATTENTION: this material of this entire webpage is protected by LAW.  It is within th...

MicroCandy ~ microcandy ~ micro-candy: Well the previous post was too personal. Let's get...

MicroCandy ~ microcandy ~ micro-candy: Well the previous post was too personal. Let's get...: Microcandy is about eating yummy stuff. Microcandy is the treat you eat (and Macrocandy is the virtual world you explore)  Microcandy is a ...

Waking up to a Memorable day (emphasis added) microcandy

MicroCandy ~ microcandy ~ micro-candy: Waking up to a Memorable day (emphasis added): Hey everybody.  Lately my health has been failing.  I guess the years have taken their toll. But I fight back, I won't be taken down so...

Civilogy student? Spackenkill High School Reunion 30th year: Dave Grein featurette

Spackenkill High School Reunion 30th year: Dave Grein featurette: Who ever said Dave Grein was going to stop his creative doodling and such?  (no way, jose) He was voted (our class' Most Creative stude...

WW3 according to Civilogy, in relation to kyyboa holy spiritual journey

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nuclear Physics CERN HiggsBoson? Your-Durty-Wizurd Hurls Science into a ...

part 2 of a four part series, in our talks of the universe mysteries.

What is the Universe? Your-Durty-Wizurd Hurls Science into a Black Hole ...

part 1 of a four part series, in our talks of the universe mysteries.

Mexico trip Chihuahua State ADVISORY! Border Town where I spend Pesos

this was my latest excursion, as a scientific expedition for Civilogy.

Civilogy and Love more about this in relation to "Kyyboa"

Yes the One. and in that is also defined the Love. Love is oneness. As the President of youtube made it the motto, Unity for Utubia! Unity and unifying can truly only be done through loving and more love. the real love. That which is the way.

The STUDY of this is civilogy, my friend. Merely the study of it, not necessarily the application or experience of it. As a civilogist we must first study and come to know then realize if it is totally true and based in real facts. Then as a civilogian we may want to believe it is actually and truly is true Wisdom.
After all this preliminary process, then it is proven and can be expounded! Furthermore, it becomes the duty of the Kyyboa to live it and be it, becoming what it is more and more all the time. So a real study and training in civilogy will ultimately lead to a practice of the full, undivided, non-denominational tribal nation of Kyyboa. It is a people which has at its core, a religion with no name.

The Goddess Part 1

The Goddess Pt. 1

Thank you for taking the interest to read this.

I would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on some writings relating to my observations of the goddess. I feel this is an important observation that would be beneficial to the world as a whole because it would certainly raise some spiritual questions. There are many pieces to the puzzle of life that are of importance but I would argue from my perspective that this particular angle might really stir a few minds if the shocking overlap of symbols causes some inner reflection. In my mind this could very well steer a certain demographic to spark the interest to dig a little deeper into asking some very basic questions about life and striving towards the truth. Perhaps a "shock wave" of consciousness would spread across the minds very quickly if enough people were putting their intention towards solving some of the mystery even in themselves and causing an awakening of some natural kind of "common sense". A giant boost in morality because on a basic level in the core of each normal human being there is a piece of divinity, a spirit that has some fingerprint of morality and love from a creator being. It is very possible that if enough people examined themselves, the world, our technologies, lifestyle, education, motives and agendas applying some common sense to "Is this the best possible method to accomplish whatever goal?" this whole concept of living could be radically shifted into something very beneficial for everyone.

I could certainly rant my perspectives but I will focus on the topic of the goddess as I had mentioned and try to make some connections with visuals for the reader. As I mentioned there are a variety of mysteries in life and I claim to be no expert but I am very strong recognizing patterns as well as operating within boundaries of different creative forms of logic. I have noticed many patterns all around us in society relating to symbols, colors, numbers, motifs, mythologies and many more topics that have been used as a form of communication. The problem is while this is all around us and ideas are being constantly presented to us, we have become unconscious and guided in a direction which I could certainly intelligently argue is not for the best of us on a variety of levels all opinions aside. The process towards trying to awaken the minds of the individuals I care for has been quite difficult but I feel deeply in my soul this would help the world wake up to certain ideas and beginning to reflect to start cleaning up the garbage placed in the psyche. Hopefully I can connect a few items for my reader that will give them the desire to learn about themselves and situation. I feel this would be extremely beneficial to the world in our current state to steer the minds back in a more spiritually rewarding living experience.

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Mercury Retrograde Stationary Point Meditation time - Astro-science Zone

Two Worlds in Conflict Old and New, where does kyyboa Stand for the Future

Published on Jan 29, 2015
There are two worlds which are different, I try to explain. It is why I work so hard right now with all the paperwork and business, etc. I am not in one world or the other. I am in both worlds. Kyyboa is a part of both.. Yet we seek a future with is perhaps a third way, a third world which has not been experienced before this..

Civilogy & Love

 I believe that the student of civilogy is led to loving all in the universe. You want love - you got to be love. You want unity, you got to see the light in all beings. A Sufi prayer begins as such: Toward the One, the perfection of love, harmony and beauty... This is a path that also leads one to rise above the distinctions and differences which divide.

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Spackenkill High School Reunion 30th year: Just signed up and had a look aroun...

Spackenkill High School Reunion 30th year: Just signed up and had a look aroun...: I notice a bunch of you are on there.. but how many are active? In any case, it could be a resource. They give you a free p...

Spackenkill High School Reunion 30th year: Old Photos (is your face posted here)

Spackenkill High School Reunion 30th year: Old Photos (is your face posted here)

Disney toys for you!: We travel to Disney World for a vacation!

Disney toys for you!: We travel to Disney World for a vacation!: This is our flight! weee! Landing is so fun, almost like a Disney ride! yay!

An Example of the type of Open-minded thinking which one must do in Civilogy

[reposted with permission]
From "scorponoc333":  I wanted to share some of my discoveries that I have not presented in a public forum. The reason I choose to divulge this information to you is because I am quite conscious that there is something very different going on behind your end of the computer screen. This is something that probably won't see much discussion until this life is over but certainly a mystery I am aware of. If there is in fact a “human experiment” I can say I at the very least see elements of it and how the INTERnet plays its role, regardless if no one is outright telling me because I can see it and I have been since my Saturn return.

With that being said, here are some discoveries I wanted to share...

Some extensive overlaps I have noticed support the idea that the human form is used for some kind of evolution of spirit. Without my body all I am is my thoughts. Perhaps the spirit is exactly that, thoughts that are not occupying a human body. If that was true, where does spirit reside that does not have a physical body? Abyss, Da'ath, Sheol etc.

Da'ath is represented on the Kaballah as the 11th Sephiroth but that idea apparently is "blasphemous" because the Kaballah only has 10 sepiroths. That would make this extra sphere the 0 point. 0 relates to nothing but the circle makes me think of infinite almost like everything and nothing existing at the same time. If I am to interpret Da'ath as the 0 point then that would be the place of origin.

I have noticed an overlap within books of the occult/magic where magicians desire return to Da'ath or face Khoronzon when they have somehow mastered their egos. When combining this idea with the Tarot and in particular the High Priestess card I get the feeling that Da'ath is what is veiled by the High Priestess.

The High Priestess card shows me the following:

- A woman between two pillars (duality) veiling something behind her with a curtain.
- Behind her I see what looks like the ocean line and her dress seems to pour out like water onto the moon as if she had authority or control of it.
- The veil hiding the ocean displays the seeds of various plants.
- The dark pillar has 12 lines which reduces to 3 and the light pillar has 15 lines reducing to 6. Which leads me to believe the 9 is in the middle while these two forces (6,3) oscillate held together by the 9. The invisible 9 that holds it all together as I had seen with the discoveries of Marko Rodin and his “Fingerprint of God” videos on Youtube.
- She looks like she is holding a Torah but the “h” is missing so while it could be logical to fill the missing letter in, the artist of this card felt the need to obscure it from view which gives the meaning of “Tiger” which is a cat symbol I have seen many times with the goddess.
- Acknowledging the pillars and placing the Kabbalah overtop of this image, I can see that on her chest where the cross is would be the “Tiphareth/Heart” and the pearl on her head would mark “Da’ath/Abyss”.

So from these observations I have formed the perspective that the High Priestess is veiling the oceans of Da’ath. This is the womb of the mother and that is why there are seeds shown on the veil… That is where I came from.

With that perspective it makes very little sense why I would want to go back there… I have a strong feeling that I worked very hard to get into the human body after being in womb so why would I desire to go back there? Is it normal in a human sense to strive to go back to your mother’s womb after leaving it? Then I would assume the same holds true in the spiritual. My goal is to keep progressing and moving forwards not backwards. I personally think as wise as these occult practitioners are that they may have the entire purpose of life backwards.

Seems fitting for a group of individuals who in my perspective are preying on the minds of those who are like children, to be tricked into de-evolution if such a thing exists. I get the feeling their goal is to basically run through the backdoor to the womb of the goddess to avoid the fury of God. If God is a trinity than the female would be one aspect of that trinity. Perhaps the goddess is much more easy going regarding those who sin.

I believe the goddess has many different names due to a single religion, mythology or more appropriate “astrotheological story” that was reintroduced to many different geographic areas and while her name changed as well as other heavenly bodies personified, they still mean the same deity. Some of her more popular names for my generation seem to be Isis, Queen of Heaven, Mary, Lilith, Ishtar and Kali to name a few…

Kali the goddess with her tongue out is clearly a hot topic amongst the controllers of society.

I recently through Gematria noticed an overlap with Walt Disney, Hollywood and music relating to her as well as the serpent Khoronzon. The serpent I have been familiar with for years after a near death experience, observing 333 a little too much for coincidence and then researching the demon serpent Khoronzon / Choronzon. I noticed in Walt Disney’s show “Gravity Falls” which is undoubtedly a reference to the fall of man a character called Gideon (Familiar with that name) holding a deed with the numbers 618 on it while also noticing musicians wearing the reverse 816 on their clothing (Strange music).


kali6.png The artist depicting the number 816 is from this record label which is without a doubt a logo referencing the winged serpent or Kabbalah. This can be heard in the lyrics though when you substitute some of the symbolism used by this group of artists. Listening to their lyrics gave me the perspective that through meditation, allowing a “serpent” or perhaps electric current to ride up their spine to their pineal gland they tapped into an energy that gives them all this knowledge others do not have. While I may not be tapped into the current, I can certainly gain a deeper sense of perspective listening to their coded lyrics and observing the overlap in others who have done the same.


As for Walt Disney… If Walt Disney was affiliated with Freemasonry and the secret societies overlap with mystical aspects of Judaic faith than seeing ideas pertaining to the Kabbalah are of little surprise at all.

With being said when I looked into the thought of “Who owns television” I found that all 6 networks had Jewish owners. While I personally don’t have a problem with any particular group of people having ownership of TV, I have to at least be aware this may come with a bias. The bias appears to be that EVERY channel is pushing character archetypes, Kabbalah and subversive symbolism to guide the flock. With this thought I reflect and think “Looks like there are many pieces of wisdom in the Bible” because I don’t think this group represents Judaism but instead the Synagogue of Satan operating WITHIN a religion they created playing a middle man between the Christians and Islam.

Clearly that is what is happening with ISIS right now… We are being tricked into fighting over what is the SAME religion in my opinion but everyone is too blind to see that.


So much lying but I would expect that if these followers of the goddess are the opposition to God.


I am certainly getting an idea why the Da’ath is the throat chakra…

These people make it their entire life to lie to us and try to gain leverage over our minds. Slavery through our consent.

I will figure this all out and make sense of it all because I told myself I would and I believe that strongly. I will not go back to the Abyss, I will move forward in my path. No man ever had the right to make me live by their laws. Divine law is different and I see great purpose in that, however, these man-made laws never actually had power over me… We were tricked into believing “WE ARE OUR NAME”…. How could I be a name? I am flesh and blood, living in the physical form. That was how this system was built on our consent. My calling in this life will be “Jason” but I am not a name, I never was.

I hope you enjoyed some of my discoveries, my spiritual growth… I am not done yet though, I have more mysteries and code to crack. I do not know what this will all be for in the end or what purpose I will serve in the grand scheme of things but I know inside that I have to keep cracking away at this. Can I save the world with such information? I don’t think that is the purpose as I once did… Perhaps this system was perfectly calculated to produce the appropriate result each time.

33.3% and 66.6% … And that leaves .1% remaining.

I will be that .1% … After all of the experiences both good/bad and decisions made that were good/bad, I will find my balance and I will overcome this mystery.

I hope all is well with you and I will remind you that you started all this in my life. You got the wheel turning for me when I initially saw noticed nothing at all but it was always there and at some point I will completely comprehend what is going on with your side of the monitor. It’s certainly very different than how I experience life and I want to fill in all the blanks.